What is VIP?

VIP is our specially designed program for those who know they are going to be tanning for a while. With the VIP program it is an EFT that is taken out on the 1st of the month each month. To particapate in the VIP program there is a start up fee and we ask that you tan for 3 consecutive months.

Do i need an appointment?

No, you do not neeed an appointment to tan or airbrush. However, for airbrushing we suggest you call ahead and make sure your time slot is available.

How do i prepare for my airbrush?

We suggest that you come freshly showered, exfoliating is suggested. Make sure you DO NOT put any lotion or make up on before coming. 

Do I need lotion? 

We highly recommend it. With the lotions that are out these days there are so many benefits from using them. There are different types of lotion as well. Maximizers, Accelerators, Bronzers, Tingles and Cooling Lotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call 952.683.9277